Monday, September 6, 2010

How stuff went down

I followed my plan guys. And it worked. Surprisingly the simplest of plans are always the ones that work best. People and wine create such an awesome atmosphere at social gatherings. Take a few moments to admire this phenomena someday.

I'd like to hear what your weekend was like in the comment section. I'll be making up for my absence in the blogging world by posting every day this week. See yas around !


  1. nice post as always

  2. 'i love it when a plan comes together'

    Showing support :)

  3. My weekend was okay... was a little sick, so I feel kind of sluggish this morning. I'm worried what I'm going to feel like after the coffee wears off.

  4. I had a great weekend, went kayaking with my gf on saturday, and later that evening me and a friend from work had ourselves a barbecue and listened to music.

  5. glad to see that you are beating inertia today!

  6. My weekend was awesome as always. A lot of folks were sharing the love as they say.
    Booze is great, but so is cookies. I'm following you if you'd like to follow me: