Thursday, September 2, 2010

Take that, beer drinkers !

'When the subjects were given an IQ test, wine drinkers consistently scored higher IQs than their counterpart beer drinkers.' 1

There are so many benefits to a moderate consumption of wine. It'll literally change your life.
Of course, the only way to experience these benefits is by trying.

I could look up some more facts about wine but I'm lazy.

ALSO! Keep showing love people. What comes around..

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  1. Makes since, retards don't drink wine. :D

  2. I support wine over beer. However, I rarely consume alcohol.

    Anyway, just checking in. I updated my blog recently, check it out.

  3. You are truly an inspiration! I will keep your thoughts in mind for my next blog posting.

  4. Why does wine give me a headache? After a mere large 2 bottles of the strongest stuff all to myself, I get a headache. Is this normal?

  5. I think the correlation here is more of "smart people would have the money and the refinement to buy wine, whereas beer is cheap as fuck and beer culture is stupid".

    Cool, just showing my daily love. This was cool. Check my stuff out man.

  6. just checking ur progress

    also i liek beer :(

  7. Im a wine guy too :)

  8. lol... alcohol is always harmful when abused. Beer is far more widely abused than wine, which is why this conclusion isn't surprising.

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  10. Thank you for the comments on my blog. I support what you're trying to accomplish on yours.

    Regards, The Professor